Art Attack Website

My Role: Designer

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One of my favorite projects of all time (albeit pretty simple) was to design a website for Shephard Fairey's Art Attack event in Chicago during Lollapalooza 2014. C3 Presents was producing this curated art and music event by the world-renowned artist, and didn't have the design resources at the time to do this, so kicked it over to me at Front Gate.

The site needed to showcase the artists and musicians featured, provide a link to our ticketing site, show the location of the event with FAQ's and a mission statement, and include a countdown clock for the event and email signup for details.

I chose the image of Shepard as the background and created a couple of different solutions for how clicking on an artist/speaker/musician could expand and reveal more details about them. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way how difficult it is to wrangle artists and musicians for images and bios and schedules and C3 had to pair the final deliverable down to just a splash page (final image in the above gallery) with an email capture and social links.

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  • My Role: Brainstorming, Strategy, IA and Creative Direction
  • Designer: Jordan Stevens
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Once our company pivoted into mostly festivals, we needed to update our customer-facing website to showcase this. Before, was just one long, somewhat visual list of events for everything we were ticketing: clubs and venues, artist ticketing, promoters, etc. (See last image above)

Our VP of Marketing was the stakeholder on this site revamp and wanted to not only make it festival focused, but have his marketing team create editorial content around festivals and patron interests as part of the site as well and created a dedicated Festival Details Page for each festival we ticketed that housed lineup details, videos and other media.

So we created this clean site that comprises a homepage with carousel banners for our biggest upcoming festivals, festival news with links out to the festival details pages and articles, a visual list of upcoming festivals and search functionality. I brainstormed and developed the strategy and information architecture for the site with Jordan Stevens who provided the final visual design.

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FGT Corporate (B2B) Site

  • My Role: Brainstorming, Strategy, IA, Design & Production
  • Designer: Yours Truly
  • Illustrations: Jordan Stevens
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Another thing we needed to update was our corporate site or client-facing B2B site. Again, we had moved away from most of our venue clients (except for some of the Austin staples) so we needed our services and expertise to be festival-focused and updated.

I led the brainstorming, strategy and information architecture of the site with the help of Jordan. The visual design reflected our Corporate Branding.

The site consists of a homepage with a blurb about each of our services/offerings, stats and some of our most notable clients. From there, each service you click on takes you to that respective part (deep-linked) on our Services page with more details and graphics. Then we have a mission statement, careers page and links to our customer-facing site and support site.

One of the biggest challenges with this site was making something clean and compelling with very little professional product or on-site photography so we relied heavily on Jordan's rad illustrations and icons.

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