Team Passion Projects

Company Swag

  • Band Shirt Designs By: Jordan Stevens
  • Lasershark & Department Shirt Designs by: Yours Truly

We regularly produce new Front Gate shirts for our ever-growing team here in Austin. The band parody shirts have gotten a lot of love from our crew and have kinda become our thing. But we also made shirts for every department with staples of the jobs in text and shirts for our softball team, the Lasersharks.

  • Parody_Tees.png
  • Parody_Tees2.png
  • Dept_Tees.png
  • LasersharkTees.png

Party Posters

  • Morning After Party Designs By: Me
  • Crawfish Boil Design By: Jordan Stevens

Every year, Front Gate would throw a big unofficial SXSW party at our old office on South Congress the morning after C3's big night-time Southby party. This was one of my favorite designs I ever did for it, playing off of our sweet view of the Capitol from that old location. We made posters and incorporated the design into our wristbands for the party as well as banners and online collateral.

We also have a yearly crawfish boil because our Chief Architect is a badass cajun.

  • SXSW_Poster_Final.png
  • SXSW_Poster_Pics.png
  • 20170316-crawfish2017-pj-drk-sm.gif

  • FGT_Lounge.png
  • Texas_Kiosks.png
  • Chicago_Kiosks.png

Onsite Fest Swag

  • Come And Ticket Kiosk & Koozie Designs By: Myself
  • Woodgrain Kiosk, Wristbands, Patches, Mason Jar Koozie Designs By: Jordan Stevens
  • Texas Kiosk & Enamel Pins: Me again
  • Texas Koozies: Collab between Myself, Jordan and Peter Brown
  • Chicago Kiosk: Jordan Stevens

Some of the fun designs we've provided over the years for onsite swag as well for clients and partners.

Coloring Book for Kids' Day

  • All Illustrations (Except Dogs) By: Jordan Stevens
  • Dog Illustrations By: Peter Brown

Our parent company LiveNation hosts an annual KidNation day (their version of bring-your-kid(s)- to-work day), so I used some of Jordan and Peter's illustrations to provide this little FGT coloring book for the kids. They liked the dogs best.

  • Van_Coloring-01.png
  • Misc_Coloring-01.png
  • Dogs_Coloring-01.png
  • Wallpaper_Coloring-01.png
  • Coloring_Photo.png