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My first task at Front Gate was to create a new, modernized logo to represent the brand. After extensive interviews with execs and stakeholders (some who had worked at the company for 7+ years), I discovered that Front Gate was more than just a ticketing company, but a company built on powerful software that runs live events – from marketing to onsale to fulfillment and tracking, and through the festival experience and beyond. So the FGT logo is made up of tickets that form a gear; a symbol synonymous with technology, innovation, cooperation, and simply put, getting things done.

My Role

  • Designer, 2013

My Process

I started by creating a questionnaire to be filled out by our execs and stakeholders on this project to give me an idea of where they thought the brand was headed. Then, I looked at the landscape of our competitor's and other music/live entertainment brands/logos and started iterating on some ideas.

At the time, I was also really interested in breaking up all our services (Artist, Promoter, Venue and Festival ticketing) with different color-coded versions like I had seen SXSW and even Fun Fun Fun Fest do, but we ultimately went away from that and became the festival ticketing company anyway.

Everyone gravitated to this concept of gears because they wanted to be seen more as an innovative tech company almost than an old-fashioned paper ticketing company. However, 'tickets' was still in the name and I felt it important enough to create the visual solution of tickets that form a gear/cog/wheel. And I even made a very rough animation of an early version to show how we could use the logo as our loading icon when fans were waiting in standby rooms to purchase tickets for a high volume onsale.

As you can see, I was really inspired by bright multi-colored logos because to me that's what screams live events, but at the end of the day, our CEO loved C3's red and black logo, so I had to dial it down.

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Document detailing the rules around usage of our various logo treatments and specs.

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Logos in the field.

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Official trademark document for the logo.

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Variations: (Left) Outline, (Right) Pride Logo

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