Fan Engagement Suite: Phase II



With the success of our Registration and Cashless kiosks, FGT's marketing department asked my team to concept, design and begin development on a few different features they could sell to festival sponsors such as State Farm, Pepsi and American Eagle.

My Role

  • Project Scoping
  • Brainstorming & Whiteboarding
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design Collaboration
  • Creative Direction

Revisiting Initial Sponsor Ideas and User Flows

We were pretty confident from the beginning that these kiosks would enhance the festival experience for fans, so we had already created these early mock-ups of what sponsor opportunities and features could look like and how they'd work into the registration flow.

  • Early_Sponsor.png
  • Sponsor Kiosk - Registration Flow - Condensed.png
  • Sponsor Kiosk - Registration Flow - Scan to Submit.png

  • Design_Scope_CD.png
  • Flow.png
  • Early_Wires.png
  • Whiteboard_Sketch.png
  • Wires_R1.png
  • Wires_R2.png

Flows, Wires and Final Designs for Initial Sponsor Apps

'Twas a cross-functional team of us 3 designers, our product owner and front-end engineer designing and building out these new sponsor apps with our marketing VP as the key stakeholder. Together with the product owner, we wrote the above Design Scope documentation and identified needs of the new apps, then moved to user flows and wires for each.

Once those were approved and finalized, we put the polish on 3.5 new sponsor apps: Sweepstakes, Instant Win (aka Scratch-to-Win), Content Delivery and a Survey feature to be combined with any of the others. At this point, Jordan Stevens led the visual design and UX for these as we were divided among different product lines with other responsibilities.

View Content Delivery Prototype View State Farm Sponsor Activation

Also, at this point, our apps were being used on the kiosk AND on self-serve tablets some sponsors (State Farm) brought for their activations.

  • Sweeps_FINAL.png
  • Scratch_FINAL.png
  • Survey_FINAL.png
  • Hero.png
  • CD_Final.png
  • CD_Emails.png
  • Pics_Hardware.png

Scavenger Hunt App

The last app that we all worked on together and produced for the kiosk was perhaps our most complex and rewarding. We had been asked to develop a scavenger hunt concept that would work with multiple kiosks on site at a given festival.

Together, we debated and brainstormed over things such as: should the user scan in at each kiosk in sequential order or have a free-for-all? Which station would the prizing occur at? And how could we make an Admin component where brand ambassadors could see the progress an individual has made thus far?

We ended up going with a scavenger hunt in which users could go in any order and were able to leverage some of the same design templates and development we'd already done to get this launched in a super tight timeline.

It debuted at Bonnaroo for Jeep and somehow I got over 50,000 views on my Instagram for it while I was there.

View Jeep Scavenger Hunt Clip

  • Scav_UserFlow.png
  • Design_Scope_Scav.png
  • Scav_Screens.png
  • Admin_Screens.png
  • CloseUp1.png
  • CloseUp2.png
  • CloseUp3.png
  • Live.png
  • Whiteboard_Sketch2.png

The Team Responsible

As with all our projects, we had a lot of fun delivering this product and additional apps and features. Below is a look at the cross-functional team responsible.

  • Team_1.png
  • Team_2.png

Templates, Asset Guide and Builder

One requirement of these apps was that they must be templatized to work for any festival's/sponsor's branding and be easily skinned by our own internal sponsorship coordinators through our backend system, Backstage.

This meant we had to provide design templates to clients wanting to use the apps, establish an asset guide identifying assets and customizable colors and the exact specs for each, and I did the design and UX work on our backend Builder for each app to be self-serve for our aforementioned coordinators.

  • Template1.png
  • Template2.png
  • AssetGuide1.png
  • AssetGuide2.png
  • AssetGuide3.png
  • Builder1.png
  • Builder2.png
  • Builder3.png
  • Icons.png