Fan Engagement Suite: Phase I



With the widespread adoption of RFID wristbands came an opportunity to create unique on-site experiences for fans. The Fan Engagement Suite was a product my two designers and I imagined, designed and delivered to allow festival goers to register their wristbands, sign up for cashless and engage with brands on-site at festivals via self-serve kiosks.

My Role

  • User Research
  • Brainstorming & Whiteboarding
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design Collaboration
  • Initial Visual Design Exploration
  • Creative Direction

  • EDC_Web_Reg_Close.png
  • EDC_Web_Reg.png
  • EDC_Kiosk_Early.png
  • FEST_Sketch.jpg

Cart Before the Horse Buy-In

This project initially started with our VP of Marketing asking our design department (led by me with two designers) to think on and "whip up" a few screens for a self-serve kiosk at festivals to get buy in from the CEO and clients we were already very close with in terms of product development.

At this point, we didn't do any formal user research or deep UX exploration; instead we relied on our own intuition, assumptions and experience as festival goers/workers and leveraged existing work I had done solo to launch wristband registration on the web a year prior.

So for these screens, we each took that idea/functionality and adapted it to visual designs that we married and narrowed down for the touch-screen kiosk experience and added what we thought would be really helpful features such as the ability to upgrade your wristband type (ex: from GA to VIP), see the fest schedule, maps, check-in on facebook, etc. These are all things you could do on your own mobile device, but an inherent problem with festivals is spotty cellular service and battery life – you're likely already running your phone's battery down taking selfies with friends all day and capturing performances on video, so you don't want to drain your battery with these additional functions.

  • Cashless_Survey.png
  • Survey Answers.png
  • Survey_Findings.png
  • Usability_Tests.png
  • FEST_Sketch3.jpg

Diving in with UX Research

The initial designs stirred up enough excitement within our own walls and with our clients that we got the go ahead to start working on this project. The first thing we did was send out a survey to our large festival ticket-buying database to learn what we could about the current web wristband registration and cashless sign-up: "How familiar are you with wristband registration for festival? Was ours easy to use? Why would you hesitate to register or use Cashless, etc?"

Then, we brought a handful of people in with varying experience attending festivals and registering wristbands for usability testing. We observed them go through our current web process with demo festivals and asked even more in-depth questions.

Finally, we analyzed all of our data and I made the "Fest Personas" for 3 different levels of frequency/experience. From there, we could more confidently move on to the next step...

  • Persona_Low.png
  • Persona_Med.png
  • Persona_High.png

User Flows, Wireframes, and Moodboard Exploration

Next, we talked through and created user flows defining the actions both registered and un-registered users would have to take to add cashless or perform a social check-in on our self-serve kiosk since it was possible that some users would have registered online prior to the festival and some would have not.

From there we started wireframing out our ideas of what the kiosk should be and created moodboards/reference material.

  • Cashless Kiosk - Registration Flow.png
  • Social Check-In Kiosk - Registration Flow.png
  • FEST-Sketch2.jpg
  • FEST.png
  • FEST_Reg.png
  • Wires_1.png
  • Wires_2.png
  • Wires_3.png
  • Moodboard.png

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The Final Countdown... Err, Product

Due to demand (and a tight development timeline), our MVP was Registration and Cashless Signup only on the kiosks for the 2016 festival season, but those other great ideas we had would be tabled for later. While each designer (including myself) had contributed mocks, I ultimately decided that we'd move forward with the above visual designs by Jordan Stevens.

View Prototype Video

Once they started debuting at festivals, the kiosks were well-received by clients (festival promoters and sponsors) and fans alike! At Lollapalooza in 2016, they experienced a 74% increase in wristband registrations from the year before when it was only offered on the web.

With this success, we were able to concept and develop additional apps for sponsorship...

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Tag-A-Kid Addition

Both ACL and Lollapalooza are super kid-friendly festivals and children under 10 or 12 get in with free admission. In the past, the kids received no official credential (RFID wristband) and relied on paper wristbands and clipboards taking down their info and emergency contact from volunteers in case they were separated from their parents.

That all changed once we had these kiosk in place. Later we added the "Tag-A-Kid" portion to our registration process that allowed parents to swipe their own wristbands and attach $0 RFID wristbands for each of their kids to theirs so they could be easily identified in our system if either party was "lost" from the other.

  • Tag1.png
  • Tag2.png
  • Tag3.png
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  • Tag5.png
  • TagAkid.png