Xbox SmartGlass Sponsored Content



When Xbox introduced SmartGlass, a cutting-edge mobile app that provides extra content with your games, movies and TV shows on Xbox LIVE, I was asked to mock up what a sponsored experience for that might look like as a favor to one of our clients. Our only parameters were to leverage a make-up artist reality contest show and infuse it with a brand like Maybelline. I came up with 3 different experiences/concepts for the ask and dazzled our clients in a record amount of time — 2 days turnaround!

My Role

  • Concepts
  • Design

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Product Discovery

My first concept was interactive product discovery. At appropriate times throughout the show, an icon would flash across your TV telling you there was a chance to interact with your mobile device through the SmartGlass app. Perhaps when one of the makeup artists is pulling out their tools, your second screen experience would show you what they've got in their arsenal, and you could explore and even buy the very products you see online. Additionally, you would see other Maybelline promos onscreen as well.

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"Know Your Brush"

Concept 2 was called "Know Your Brush" and centered around education on the brand's breadth of products. With makeup, there are thousands of tools and thousands of uses for each of them. So as a benefit to the viewer, Maybelline would introduce and inform them about their products (in this case, their plethora of makeup brushes), what they're best used for, and allow you to buy them.

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Product Tutorials & Tips

In this concept, viewers are rewarded with tutorials and tips on which products and techniques to use to recreate the looks they see on the show. Viewers would be delighted by Maybelline's interest in helping them get the best looks and could purchase the very products they need to do so throughout the experience.