Surface Launch Campaign

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I got to design a lot of great stuff for the very first Surface product Microsoft launched. Everything from fun .gif emails to Surface-specific store landing pages and social content.

My Role

  • Designer

Surface Apps Email

This email aimed to educate the audience on some of the sweet new Windows 8 apps that came stock on the first gen Surface, geared towards productivity. I decided the hero image area should be animated to grab people's attention.

  • 10784-04_Surface_Apps_OS_Email.gif

Surface Accessories Email

Here, I wanted to use animation again to show the fun customization available with early Surface accessories.

  • 10784-05_Surface_Accessories_Email.gif

Surface Launch Store Details Page

When Surface with Windows 8 Pro was released, I was tasked with creating a landing environment for brick & mortar Microsoft Stores explaining the differences between it and Surface with Windows RT, everything that comes standard with either Surface, and inviting customers to come in-store and try or buy it. That’s a lot of information for one page, but I created this simple, easily digestible page that covers everything you’d ever want to know about those early Surface products.

  • 10850_Surface_CLE_StoreAgnostic_Win8Features.jpg
  • 10850_Surface_Demand_Gen_CLE.png

Surface Launch Store Details Page (Mobile)

  • Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 10.34.40 AM.png
  • Surface_LP_Mobile.png