New Store Openings Facebook Tab


To support their ever-growing list of brick & mortar stores, I designed a fun, interactive Facebook tab showcasing the new store openings all over the country (complete with musical performances and guest appearances by professional athletes who played the Xbox Kinect with fans).

My Role

  • Brainstorming & Wireframing
  • UX and Visual Design

Facebook Tab: Home

Here, the user can pick a store location to see what's happening at their store, see upcoming new store grand openings, videos and photo content from recent openings, the Microsoft Store Twitter feed and tab through some of the perks of shopping in-store.

  • 10854_NSO_FB_Tab_Local_Stores_tab1.jpg
  • 10854_NSO_FB_Tab_Local_Stores_tab2_rollover.jpg

Grand Opening Info

When you click a new store grand opening tile, you can get details and FAQs about the upcoming event, see who the musical and athletic guests are and even see the full schedule of events on an interactive timeline. There's also specific store info and the ability to make an appointment through the Facebook tab.

  • 10854_NSO_FB_Tab_NSO_Opt2_3Talent.jpg
  • 10854_NSO_FB_Tab_NSO_Opt2_FAQ_expanded.jpg