MSN Enhanced TV



MSN approached Drumroll requesting a unique, tablet and mobile-friendly television viewing companion. I worked with our Associate Creative Director on the design, production and user experience/creative brainstorming of the resulting MSN Enhanced TV site. Not an app, but rather designed to sniff your device and serve up the appropriate desktop, tablet, or smartphone experience.

My Role

  • Brainstorming & Whiteboarding
  • UI/UX Design Collaboration
  • Visual Design Collaboration
  • Production & Handoff

Lead Designer / ACD: Nicole Fikes

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Wimbledon Tablet

The experience begins with a splash screen inviting you to “Start spectating.” What follows is a dashboard view featuring a stream of modules supplying extra content to what you’re watching in real-time. In addition to photos and videos and their respective galleries; it also serves up trivia, quotes, ads, fan polls and various media feeds.

I followed Nicole's initial wireframes for the stream and ideas for the dashboard, and we both began designing various features, visualizations of polls and information, etc. She led the overall design with a lot of my ideas and solutions being used as well. I also adapted everything we did together for the tablet landscape view that we were comping to desktop and mobile portrait and landscape views and led the production efforts and handoff to MSN's development team.

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  • 10467 Enhanced TV_Tablet_Horizontal_SoccerSkin.jpg

Poll Answers Visualizations

I played a big part in creating the various kinds of poll answers visualizations for the user. This was back in 2012, before you could just plug and play any chart design and tool from GitHub, so I'm proud of some of these early data vis ideas.

Wimbledon Phone

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Wimbledon Desktop

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Other Skins & Uses

The ETV experience was originally concepted for the Oscars and included a fun, interactive ballot system linking users to their facebook fans also participating and creating a leaderboard amongst groups. The client wasn't ready to proceed for this event unfortunately. However, it was used for the London Olympics and the UEFA and Wimbledon Championships.