Well you can't say I don't take risks. That's me eating it/embracing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride a replica of Helltrack last summer. In theory, I kinda knew what to do. In reality, it's hard to get things right on the first try. And that's what I love about iterative design.

I grew up in Houston, TX and moved to Austin (where I still live and play) when I was 17 years old. I studied advertising at the University of Texas and started my career as an Art Director. I quickly moved to the digital world and was fortunate enough to work on e-commerce experiences for top technology brands, Dell and Microsoft, for over five years. This led me down the path to loving exceptional user experiences and dreaming of building fantastic products — This is what I do at Front Gate Tickets.

I also love dogs, comic books and playing darts. My employees coined a phrase about me: "No guts, no Lori."